Let me begin with the brief history of Daikagura,the traditional Japanese juggling performance. Nowadays, Daikagura tends to be known as entertainment because of TV shows. But as the word Daikagura which originally means ‘ Amusing people by the name of God’ shows, 400 years ago,it was started as a sacred event for people who couldn’t come to shrine for the prayer. The performers visited those people and performed Shishimai-dance, the lion dance, handing out the shrine’s charm to bring them happiness.

Kikusen’s performance entertains you with the traditional juggling performances such as balancing trick, Stick tossing trick and spinning umbrella trick, along with Japanese traditional dance and music.

Dance, talk, and traditional daikagura performance. Kikusen will bring you laughter and happiness.

Over the world, across the seas, wherever you call me, I’ll be right there!