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400 year history of Daikagura comes alive in front of your eyes!
Kikusen’s energetic performance brings you full of excitement and laughter.
Enjoy the traditional juggling tricks!

Show Contents

Kasa no Kyoku (Umbrella trick)
What can you expect to spin on top of spinning umbrella? A ball, a tea cup, and more! The faster things spin, the luckier you get!?

Gokai-jawan no kyoku (Buit up cup trick)
Tea cups built up higher and higher on the tiny board on the chin…. Exciting trick you can’t breath!

Kyoku-bachi (Stick tossing trick)
This is performed as a part of Kabuki. Sticks are tossed and juggled in 48 ways!

Gion-mari (Fan and ball trick)
When Japanese fan meets a ball, they make an incredible entertainment! How does this happen? You will be fully surprised!

Mizukumoi no kyoku ( Balancing trick with water in the glass)
How do you balance with a cup full of water on the long stick? And what’s going to happen at the end? Get Kleenex before you watch it!

Kuwa no kyoku(Rake trick)
In ancient era, people wish great harvest on this performance. It looks easy to do, but you will be amazed by the show goes by… Have fun!

Buto kyokugei ( Collaboration of Traditional Japanese dance and juggling)
Combination of Japanese traditional dance and juggling!

Nihon buyo (Japanese traditional dance Tokyo style)
All kinds of Japanese traditional dance. Kappore, Yakko-san, and Fukagawa. Kikusen shows what traditional Japanese dance is!

Shishi-mai dance + juggling
Juggling + Shamisen (traditional Japanese music instrument)

The length and combination of the show can be arranged to your plan. English translation is available.

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